allow scrolling through to see all on different pages


When I want to see more clips at the moment I have to scroll through all the listed clips top down and this isnt ideal as i miss seeing other clips listed further down the 'pages'
id like to go to find clips on any 'page' rather than the ones that come up first.
There is the 'price' or 'best match' criteria but this still brings up thousands of clips which i can only see the first few and never see the last ones.
Also allow a 20% discount if you buy two or more shots from one uploader to encourage loyalty.
and 30% discount if you buy three shots.
Please also will you make the clips longer and list the duration.
some of the clips on here are a decent length- 10-15 seconds
but some are just 5- seconds and shake or exposure drops and not worth the price in comparison.
you could allow us to send an'offer' to the uploader because though some shots are ok they just arent priced correctly sometimes whereas I can buy similar shots from other uploaders at $10 instead.
Also can you have stabalised versions of the shaky shots! they are just unusable otherwise.
would you also encourage uploaders to keep the camera rolling 5 seconds after they would finish as often I would like the shots that are just the landscape and not the people in them.
Would you also encourage artists and users of terragen to upload files.
please allow loggining in on a 3GS I phone, at present the video player covers the sign in page!
at checkout alloww me to 'save for later' files to allow me to buy the ones i choose, as this allows a refining descision when it comes to the final purchase.
would you offer a $20 voucher when you spend over $200.

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    Hi there,

    You can disable the waterfall scrolling and switch to a paged format by selecting the gear on the top right side of the results page and disabling "infinite scroll."

    None of the content you see at Pond5 is produced by us. Pond5 functions as a marketplace, so everything you see was created and uploaded for sale by other users just like you. Users are free to upload whatever content they like (length, format, etc) so long as it meets our various specification guidelines. Our team of curators review all uploaded content and approve it before it can be sold.

    We do not offer bulk discounts on purchases because our artists price all their own files. We thank you for understanding.

    You can make use of our collections feature to save purchases for a later date.

    If you have any more questions, please contact our customer service center.

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