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I have a project to work on and limited time to produce it. I was looking for an After Effects projects that I could swap out the text and logo, and keep the video or images or music. I have seen several that say Music not included and Video not included and even some that say font not included. I purchased one that said Fonts Included and Music not included (and gave a link). After I downloaded and opened, I saw that the videos were not included at all. In AE I see reference to footage, but they are not their.

I would like to be able to search for all inclusive projects, and have the option to choose "video Included". 

If the maker of the project didn't include the videos, he should have stated so, and provided links to footage like he did for the audio.


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    Hi Peter, if any file you purchase is not how it was described or how you expected please let us know as soon as you can, preferably within 48 hours of purchase so that we can take care of you as best we can. We are always happy to test AE templates on our side, perhaps a required plug in is missing on your end or something else is going wrong. 

    However, we thank you for your feedback and suggestion to introduce a 'Video Included' filter for AE files. I will pass this along to our team. 

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