Do I Need to Submit My Tax Information?

For Non-U.S. Contributors
If you are a Non-US resident, Pond5 does not withhold any of your royalties for tax purposes. It is your responsibility to report all your earnings yourself, in your country of residence.

You are welcome to view a Summary of your income for the year, by hovering over your Account avatar > Dashboard >> Financials > Choose year: All months > OK. 

For U.S. Contributors
To remain compliant with U.S. tax reporting requirements, we require all U.S. based individuals, corporations, and entities earning $600 or more in any calendar year to submit a W-9 form.  Failure to provide a W-9 may delay your future payouts and curation. To make sure that your account information is up to date: Sign into your account > Hover cursor over account avatar > Click on Dashboard > Account > Contact Info & Payout Preferences.

Please confirm all information is correct, most importantly, your name, mailing address, email, and phone number.

Note Regarding 1099s:

For all US based accounts that have earned $600 or more in a calendar year using Payoneer or Skrill, you will receive a 1099 tax document from Pond5. If your payment provider is Paypal, your 1099-K will come from Paypal directly and not Pond5.

What is a PayPal 1099-K form?

1099-K is an income summary that payment processors like PayPal send to anyone who receives at least $600 in business transactions. More information about can be found Here.

Downloading a W-9 Form

To download a blank W-9 Form directly from the IRS you can click Here.

Filling out Your W-9
You must first fill out and sign and submit the W-9 form. The form must be exported or scanned into a digital file format, preferably .pdf, but we also accept .jpg and .png.

Note: Attachments that exceed 2MB in size cannot be accepted, and please only submit page one of the six page W-9 document.

Uploading Your W-9

Once you have filled-out, signed, and digitized (.pdf.jpg, or .png) your W-9 form, it is time to upload it on your Taxes page.

To navigate to your Taxes page, Sign into your account > Hover cursor over account avatar > Click on Dashboard > Account > Taxes

  •        Click on Choose a file to upload your filled W-9
  •        Find your W-9 and click Open
  •        Your W-9 will upload
  •        Uploaded W-9 will save under YOUR CURRENT W-9 TAX FORM

If any of your information has changed recently, please upload a current W-9 in our system immediately Here. Doing this will ensure that you always receive a copy of your 1099, when you've made over $600.

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