What is GPP?

GPP or otherwise known as our Global Partner Program, distributes content from Pond5 to other stock media platforms around the globe. This program helps us to expand the reach of your sales potential to global partners, Enterprise clients, and other creators around the world. This is a way we can generate additional incremental revenue for you with custom deals on different platforms, getting payouts you wouldn’t normally make on Pond5 alone.

The Global Partner Program introduces your work to a global network of content resellers and creative software tools, expanding the reach of your content into new markets and emerging creative platforms where content is in demand. Our partners are highly-vetted market leaders with an established following. By uploading to Pond5, your work becomes accessible to an expansive global creative audience.

Your additional earnings made from “GPP” are now paid with your regular payouts and once finalized, will be listed on your financials page  or you to view at anytime.

Recently we made some enhancements to our Contributor Agreement that now welcomes all Pond5 Artists into our network of global partners. Its important to note that previously artists were able to opt-out of these programs if they chose, and only 3% of our community made that decision. However, excluding even a small amount of content limited our ability to develop products and partnerships that will make the most of our content library and allow for our artists' earning potential.

By allowing for the ability to adjust pricing and global distribution, we feel that we’ll be able to maximize exposure of our artist’s content through our network of global partners, introducing their work to an expansive list of Enterprise clients and emerging creative segments. These initiatives significantly expand the distribution potential of our artist’s work to creators worldwide. Think of it as, "What is better: $0 dollars, or a smaller sale from a country that you normally wouldn't be able to offer to?"

All GPP earnings are part of Global Market Earnings as of May 2023.

We welcome you to find more information about these programs on our Pond5 Contributor Portal here.

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