How to Dispute/Clear Copyright Claims with Facebook (Meta)

By purchasing files from our site, you are allowed to use them under our Royalty-Free License Agreement, which allows for worldwide, perpetual use across all media, including Social Media.

Pond5 requires our composers to release claims on any video(s) uploaded by Pond5 customers so that our customers are freely able to monetize their videos or show them without ads if they choose.

Unfortunately, at this time Facebook does not provide an option to proactively provide your license or license certificate validating your use of media. If Facebook raises a claim or copyright concern related to media licensed from Pond5, you are welcome and encouraged to appeal their claim. Keep in mind, since you do have proper rights to use your licensed content, your next step is to file one of these disputes.

Facebook claims need to be disputed by the owner of the account, to begin disputing the claim placed on your video please follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, head over to the Video page
  • Then select "Your Video is partially muted due to a copyright match
  • Click "See details"
  • Click the "Continue" option three times.
  • Select "Submit Dispute" and then click "Continue" again
  • Click "Open Form"
  • Check✔️ the option "Licensed content" and write an explanation in the "Additional Details" column stating that you have permission to use said content with a link to the Pond5 item page of the track being claimed. 
  • Click "Submit"
  • You will then get the notification "You Submitted a Dispute" and Facebook should then shortly release the claim for you.

We would also advise to make sure you have a copy of your Pond5 receipt handy, in case you need to upload it to the dispute. You always have access to view and generate receipts for any of your Pond5 purchases. Simply log into your account > hover cursor over account avatar > click on My Downloads > Order History.

Here is a helpful link that gives step-by-step instructions on clearing claims from Facebook in video form: How to Remove Copyright Claim on Facebook/Instagram

In our experience, following these helpful steps can provide a much faster resolution to your outstanding claim. We wish you all the best in resolving your claim with Facebook, and we look forward to creating with you again soon!

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