How to Dispute/Clear Copyright Claims with Instagram

By purchasing files from our site, you are allowed to use them under our Royalty-Free License Agreement, which allows for worldwide, perpetual use across all media, including Social Media.

Pond5 requires our composers to release claims on any video(s) uploaded by Pond5 customers so that our customers are freely able to monetize their videos or show them without ads if they choose.

Unfortunately, at this time Instagram does not provide an option to proactively provide your license or license certificate validating your use of media. If Instagram raises a claim or copyright concern related to media licensed from Pond5, you are welcome and encouraged to appeal their claim. Keep in mind, since you do have proper rights to use your licensed content, your next step is to file one of these disputes.

The process is outlined in the steps below:

  • Firstly, locate the "Your video has been removed" email from Instagram and click "Appeal"
    • Or, you can go onto Instagram itself and select the "Video Blocked" alert in your notifications and click "Appeal" from the bottom of that page.
  • Enter your electronic signature and check ✔️ the "I agree" checkbox before clicking "Appeal"
  • Your appeal will then be submitted and upon Instagram's review your production should be restored soon.
    • In our experience and based on other community user's feedback this typically only takes a minutes to have your claim released. 

Here is a link to Instagram's Help Center Appeals page: How do I appeal the removal of content on Instagram for copyright reasons?

Here is the form that needs to be filled out to appeal the claim: Instagram Copyright Appeal Form
Here is also a helpful link that gives step-by-step instructions on clearing claims from Facebook in video form:How to Remove Copyright Claim on Facebook/Instagram

In our experience, following these helpful steps can provide a much faster resolution to your outstanding claim. We wish you all the best in resolving your claim with Instagram, and we look forward to creating with you again soon!

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