Tagging Best Practices

How to Tag Your Content on Pond5 to Ensure Maximum Visibility in Relevant Searches

At Pond5 our goal is to show the most relevant content to our customers.  We are constantly analyzing user behavior and enhancing our algorithms and curatorial process to improve the Pond5 search experience.

As a contributor, you can improve your success at Pond5 by following these guidelines:

Be Precise

Make sure your clip Title expresses what your clip is about.  “Aerial View Of Waves Crashing On Beach” or “Group Of Friends Playing Volleyball At The Beach” are good titles.  On the other hand, naming those clips “Amazing Beach” or “Having Fun On Beach” would make them harder to find.  These titles simply do not provide enough detail.  Try to use words people buying your clip would use to find a clip like yours.  Titles are one of the most important signals we use to determine search ranking.

Be User-Friendly, Not SEO-Friendly

While the last paragraph is true, you also shouldn’t try to fit every possible concept into your title.  Keep it readable, concise and to the point.  Remember that there is a limit of 80 characters for your Title.

Add All Relevant Keywords

Think of what searches are likely to be relevant for your item and include those terms in both your title and your keywords.  We allow up to 50 keywords, so add as many relevant ones as you can, however...

Don’t “Spam” Keywords

If there are no airplanes in your shot and it’s tagged with “airplane”, people looking for airplanes won’t even view it and its ranking will sink. Irrelevant tags will damage your clip performance.  Trying to game the system by filling your keywords or clip Title with popular search terms unrelated to your clip, will backfire and you will sink in the search ranking.

Spelling Mistakes

We are not spell-checking your title, description and keywords (yet).  So please make sure your spelling is correct so that your work is present in the search results as often as possible.  A simple, free spell-checking tool like grammarly can work wonders.

Updating Your Metadata

You can update your metadata at any time.  Currently it takes up to one week for updated titles, description or keywords to change in our search.  We plan to make your updates work faster.

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