Global Partner Program

What is the Global Partner Program?

The Global Partner Program distributes your works to a group of hand-selected resellers and high-volume customers who have not previously used the Pond5 marketplace.  

How do I participate?

All Pond5 Artists are automatically enrolled in the program, as outlined in our Contributor Agreement.

How do I opt-out?

Participation is optional, and you can opt-out at anytime.

Where can I track my sales from the Global Partner Program?

You may track your sales from this program and all other sales on your Dashboard. At launch, aggregate sales from the program will be reported on a monthly basis.  

Will partners have access to my high-resolution content?

No, your high-resolution content is only delivered to end customers after a transaction is processed. Access to your content will be managed via our API.

How will my content be priced in the Global Partner Program?

Deals that are part of the Global Partner Program will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.  These partners tend to have high-volume demands and require custom indemnification and standardized pricing to manage their budgets. We will likely pool content within a similar price range for buyers based on their budgets, commitments, and licensing needs. Deals sold as part of this program may also include extended licenses, which will generate additional revenue for participating artists.

Does this program impact my pricing in the Pond5 marketplace?

No. Marketplace pricing will not be impacted. You can continue to set your own prices in the Pond5 marketplace.  

How will proceeds from sales of my work be divided as part of this program?

As always, all net revenue will be split with you 50/50.

How will participation in the Global Partner Program impact how my content is displayed on Pond5?

The Global Partner Program is designed to reach customers who do not use our marketplace.  We expect this program to generate sales above and beyond sales in our marketplace. Your decision to participate will not impact the way your content is displayed or ranked in our marketplace in any way.

If I do not participate in the Global Partner Program, can I still be included in reseller deals?

Unfortunately, no. You must remain opted-in to the program to be included.


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