How VAT Works at Pond5

VAT or "Value Added Tax" is a tax, which is payable on the sales of goods or services within European Union (EU) countries. This charge is in all cases ultimately payable by the final consumer of the good or service. VAT will not be charged on sales to customer based outside of the European Union.

VAT on purchase of Pond5 licenses is charged in the place of supply and place of supply for our service is the country in which the customer is located. Each EU territory is responsible for setting its own VAT rates for different products and services. Therefore, the amount charged will depend on your location at the time of purchase.

Pond5 Media Ireland is registered for VAT in Ireland, and therefore all sales to Irish customers are subject to 23% VAT charge. 

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A VAT identification number is a unique number that's assigned to every business that is registered for VAT.

EU VAT registered companies based outside of Ireland will be charged 0% VAT on all transactions given that the customer provides a VAT ID number at the checkout at the time of purchase. You will find this option at the top right-hand corner, in Step 2, of the Checkout page. 


You can also save this information in your Pond5 account, here. Once saved, this information will be applied to your future purchases.


Please note that the zero-rate VAT treatment applies to business-to-business (“B2B”) transactions only when the VAT number is provided at the time of purchase. Otherwise, the transactions cannot be considered a B2B supply of services and are subject to the local standard rate of VAT. In case VAT was applied to your purchase, it is important to let us know within 24 hours to be eligible for a VAT refund.

After this window, we are not in position to provide a refund. However, you should be able to claim this VAT back through a local filing. Please kindly note that our team does not offer support in local tax filings in other countries and we are not qualified to offer professional tax advice.

To learn more about how Pond5 collects Tax in the US, please review our article here: Does Pond5 Collect Tax?  

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