Signing In With Google On Pond5

With Pond5, you have the convenience and security of using Google to create a Pond5 account. This means when you sign in, you will use your Google credentials instead of creating a standard login with email and password.

  • When visiting Pond5 while you are logged into your gmail account on your browser, a pop up will appear on asking if you want to continue signing up for Pond5 using your Google account. Click "Continue as ____________________" to Sign in with Google.
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  • You also have this option when creating your new Pond5 account using Google simply click "Join Now" on
    • You will have the option to "Sign in with Google"
    • Enter your Gmail account as noted below and click "Next"
    • Enter the password associated with your Google account, then click "Next"
    • You will need to confirm that you want to sign into using your Google account.

And that's it! Your new Pond5 account will be instantly created and you may continue logging into our site using your Google login credentials. Welcome to Pond5 and we're excited to create with you!

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