What are Global Marketplace Earnings?

Pond5 engages in programs that expand the reach of your sales potential to a global network of content resellers and creative software tools. You may see sales from these programs noted on your dashboard.

What are the Global Market Earnings in my dashboard?
In addition to normal sales through the Pond5 marketplace, artists earn revenue through third party partnerships and incremental revenue programs that Pond5 develops outside of our core geographical markets. These licensing sales are labeled in the ‘License’ column of your sales dashboard as Global Market Earnings.

This program introduces your work to a global network of content resellers and creative software tools, expanding the reach of your content into new markets and emerging creative platforms where content is in demand. Our partners are highly-vetted market leaders with an established following. By uploading to Pond5, your work becomes accessible to an expansive global creative audience.

Examples of Global Market Earnings include: licensing a clip for a Japanese TV show or an internal training video for a large Chinese corporation.

How do I know I made a Global Market Earnings sale?
These sales are labeled as Global Market Earnings in the ‘License’ column on the Financials section of your Pond5 Dashboard. Some Global Market Earnings are reported in real-time, while others are paid out quarterly, based on the technical integration with the partner. Quarterly payouts can result in multiple Global Partner Earnings sales appearing on the same day.

How is artist commission calculated for Global Partner Earnings sales?
Our partners retain a portion of the revenue for any sale generated through their platform. The artist will receive their usual royalty rate based on the Net License Revenue received by Pond5. Many partners license content at a higher price than Pond5, so the artist payout is often similar to direct marketplace sales.

Please note: GPP Sales will now be a part of the Global Marketplace earnings.

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