What If I Have a Large Collection of Media?

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For more information check out Why Should I Sell on Pond5? and How Does Selling Work?


If you are interested in selling your media through Pond5, try uploading a few files directly to the site and see if the FTP upload speed can accommodate your needs. See How Do I Upload My Media?

Prepare this as a test batch of files for the curator and submit them for review, this will help familiarize yourself with our site and our media preparation process. You can also review How Do I Prepare My Media Files for the Curator?

If your library still seems too large to upload via FTP, you can mail in your media to us on a hard drive. See How Do I Mail In a Hard Drive?

If your collection consists of image files and has embedded IPTC metadata, our pre-processing system will read and import the data automatically. All that you will have to do is adjust model release information, prices, and image type using a CSV. Learn more by reviewing How Do I Use CSV Files to Add Metadata in Bulk? You also have the option to manually enter all of your metadata.

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