How Do Payouts Work?

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We offer individual price setting, changeable at any time, and you earn a 50% commission on all sales!


Payout Date

We send out payments on the 15th of each month. You must reach a minimum balance of $25 before the 15th to receive a payout.


Payout Methods

You have the option of receiving your payments safely, via electronic transfer. Set your Payout Preferences by choosing the option that works best for you.


Electronic Options

To successfully receive payment, please ensure that you have already registered with one of the following payment services.

  • PayPal A web-based service that allows you to send and receive monetary payments securely and instantly over the internet. 
  • Skrill/Moneybookers Make simple, secure, and quick online global payments for international money transfers.

Note: Due to fees charged by Skrill, 4% of your payment will be deducted at each payout if this option is selected.

  • Payoneer - Whether you are a business owner, professional or freelancer, Payoneer offers multiple ways to get paid by your international clients and global marketplaces – quickly, securely and at low cost.


To ensure you receive your payouts in a timely manner, please make sure that your payout preferences are always current and up to date.


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