Will I Retain Copyright Of My Work?

You have rights retention to all of your work. For more information check out our Contributor Agreement and Why Should I Sell For Pond5?

You can remove, edit or change the price for your media on Pond5 at any time. You will simply be using Pond5 as a marketplace through which you license the use of your media to other media producers under our royalty-free License Agreement.

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    If you're an artist thinking about selling your media on Pond5 I'd say "go for it" -- the ability to make and change your own pricing as well as maintaining control of your own art is the winning combination that keeps me uploading content to Pond5 and yes, eventually you do make money too!

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    Piervito Pinto
    I am just starting out posting my songs on Pond5 and it has been a beautiful experience. They all are very nice to repond to questions.
    I am so far downloading material and let them set the price, since I am new at this. Very good site. Hope we both make some money.

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    Thanks for the nice comments! I'm glad you're having a positive experience with us. If you run into any problems, give us a call or shoot an email to support@pond5.com and we'll be happy to take care of you.

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    I just sold my first stock footage!! Hope first of many.

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    gratz on your sale, steven!

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    I'm new and creating audio only and have just uploaded my 1st 3 files. I really like the way Pond5 lets you have so much control. I'm also letting them set my prices because I honestly wouldn't know what a fair would be. So I'll let the experts take care of that which I think is very cool.

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    @Chris - Thanks for the comments! And welcome to the Pond5 family!

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