How Long Does It Take To Upload Media?

The amount of time it takes to upload your media is dependent on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection.

Broadcast-quality video files are very large, and may take longer to upload. For instance, with a connection that has an upload speed of 100kb/s (or 12.5 KB/s), it will take nearly 43 minutes to upload a 10-second DV or HDV clip, with a file size of 32MB.

You can test the speed of your connection here.

Keep in mind, upload speeds of your connection is often slower than download speeds.

For more information about how to upload your media click here.

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    Why are my pictures still pending? I´ve uploaded some a year ago and still not accepted or rejected by Pond5
    Why is it taking so long, will all my pictures take that long?

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    Hi Tiago,

    Wait times are on the long side right now due to a surge in submissions. Normally wait times are between 4 and 6 business days, but right now most formats are between one and three weeks. Please rest assured that we're working as hard as we can to curate everyone's material as fast and accurately as possible.

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    I'm in the same boat.. hope to hear accept or reject soon or I'm going to use another site.


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    Hi Ryan,

    I certanly understand your frustration. Just so you know, I don't think you'll find faster wait times anywhere else. Most of our competition takes upwards of 30 days to review new materials, sometimes longer. But still, we don't think our current wait times are acceptable either.

    Current wait times:
    photo - 19 days
    video - 9 days
    audio - 5 days

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    Hi, Jonathan,

    Do you send out an email when clips have been reviewed?

    May I suggest, it would be a great idea if you sent an email - say once a week - just listing the new uploads you have received that week and acknowledging you know about them and maybe adding a estimated time you expect the review to take place.

    That would stop a load of people wondering and emailing you.


    P.S. If you think this is a great idea, you could reward me by reviewing mine. ;-)

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    Hi Stephen,

    We do send an email when files have been curated, yes. It will go to the address on the account, unless you've turned off your notifications in your account settings. :)

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    Upload my videos about 15 days ago, hoping to have approved soon?

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    Wait times are very long right now, due to a very large surge in new submissions. Video wait times will likely remain at around the 4 week mark through the end of the year, but we're doing our best to keep it as low as possible. We're also improving our capacity at the same time.

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    I'm a new contributor and some of what I've sent has been evaluated according to a message I got from a curator a few weeks ago. 

    After deleting the rejected one, the supposed approved ones still say review pending and those are sound effects. Do I need to do something else such as send to curator or I am missing something? Again I am new to Pond5 and if I need to do something else, I'd like to know.


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    it's funny that photo's - 19 days and video's take - 9 days but yet Normally why is it that hard to take on photos then videos as a photo is a still item where a video is a moving clip so really come on now guys, really next time you should really try and stop this from taking so long as you should all know people like us don't have the time to be waiting around to have such good content to be Publish to the site... 

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    What is average period of time to review video for this months? TNX

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    Hi Dmytro, the current review time for videos is 21 business days. Rest assured, our curators are working hard to review everyones submissions as quickly and carefully as possible. In the meantime please feel free to continue uploading more great content :)

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    What is the wait time at the moment for approvals?  Obviously NOT 21 days. It doesn't seem to bode well. Maybe another question should be what are the wait times for being paid for sales?

    Maybe Pond5 should employ one or two more reviewers, this seems to have been going on for a long time.

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    Hey Sarah, 

    I have reviewed your account and there are no files pending review. Which media type are you inquiring about? The current wait time for videos is unfortunately at 23 business days. Please feel free to reach out to for the most up to date review times on each media type.  

    Payouts are processed once a month, on the 15th. Once you have enabled your Payout Preferences to receive payouts, you should receive your payments on the 15th of each month, once you have reached the minimum balance ($25 for electronic payouts and $100 for cheque). 


    Please reach out to us if you have any other questions. 

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    Whats average period of time to review illustration? thanks

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    Hey Raul, the current wait time for illustrations review is at 22 business days at this time. Please know our curators are hard at work to reduce the review times. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

    Please feel free to contact our support team for the most up-to date review times. 

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    Hello! I sent the photo to the editor for more than 30 days. Maybe there are some technical problems and they are not visible?

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    Hey Vasily, as always we appreciate your patience. Our curators have been alerted to your files, please allow some more time and we will contact you again upon review.

    Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team with any other questions :)

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    I have recently made my account at Pond5 and uploaded one video as sample. But the status says "Pending Review". Just need to know an estimate of how much more time is it going to take for my file to be online for sale? Also, there are a few option in the drop-down menu like "Send to Curator", "attach release", etc. Can you please tell me what each of them means? Would appreciate a quick response. Thanks!

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    Hello Mehjabeen, thanks for your questions! 

    Pending Review status means that your files are in the queue for curation. Curatorial fluctuation times will fluctuate based on the media type and on how many submissions we receive at the given time. You can find out the most up to date review times from our support team at any time!

    Send to Curator - this option allows you to send files in bulk to the curator. Once the curators have reviewed your files, if they are approved they will go up for sale on the site. 

    Attach release - this option allows you to attach a model or property release to files in bulk from the uploads page. 


    If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at


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    I think it would be very helpful, both for artists and for the Pond5 team, if there were a status page somewhere showing current curation wait times. That would avoid a lot of communication between the two parties! I don't mind the wait so much; it's the lack of information about how long it will be that bothers me. This is an important general principle of customer service: communication is an order of magnitude more important than quality. I've had a dozen videos pending review for almost a week now: based on the above comments, I'm not holding my breath :)

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    Hey Mike - Your feedback is heard loud and clear. We're working on some long-term updates to our artist communications and contributor portals and I'll make sure the updates take this feedback into consideration. 

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    Thank you Lawrence!

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