How Do I Mail In a Hard Drive?

If you have a large collection, you can mail us your media.

Atlantic Metro for Pond5 

85 10th Ave, 7th Floor 

New York, NY 10011 


Preparing Media Before Mailing

All media should be properly prepared according to our Upload Specifications and sent in on an External Hard Drive, preferably a small bus-powered WD passport-style drive.

Preparing Your Files

  • Following File Naming Guidelines Is Important For Fast Upload To Our Servers. Our servers accept only pure ascii. Please be sure your file names DO NOT contain any spaces, special characters or accents. Examples are letters such as å, ñ, é, ß, ®, ©, §, ç, ä, ø, ü, quote marks (“ or "),  or ( ) ~ ' , & \ / ! ? @.
  • Add your username and dash as a prefix to each file:

  • File names should not exceed 60 characters in length.
  • If you would like to prep your metadata before uploading your files using a spreadsheet, check out our CSV system.

Include your metadata on one separate spreadsheet, not within folders with clips.

Preparing Your Drive

  • Your name, Pond5 username, return address and email address should be clearly indicated on the hard drive, not just on the packaging. We also suggest to add a simple text file with this information in the top directory of your drive.
  • <10,000 Files
    • If you are submitting LESS than 10,000 files, add all media into one folder without subfolders
  • >10,000 Files
    • If you are submitting MORE than 10,000 files, split files into as few subfolders as possible holding 9999 files or less.
  • Make sure to properly package any submissions.
    • Do not send loose drives, they will get damaged in transit

After Mailing In Hard Drive

Usually, your media will be placed on the server within 1-2 weeks after reaching us, though it can sometimes be more depending on our volume of submissions.

We will contact you by email when your media is uploaded. You will then need to edit them, add keywords, prices, and descriptions and submit them to a curator for review before they will be made available on our marketplace.

We return hard drives once they are completely processed, please ensure that a correct return address is clearly marked on your drive.

For further questions email

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