Can You Move My Partner Media Files to a Pond5 Account?

We currently do not have the ability to move partner media files on the back-end. All of our partner sites offer an option to opt out of third party partner sales.

Uploading Directly On Pond5

If you need to upload your media to Pond5 directly and not have them distributed via our partners, you can opt-out of partner sales on the original site. We do not host third-party files on our servers, and we do not have an agreement in place to transfer files over.

Metadata And Tagging

Since you have your portfolio already organized, you can simply obtain a CSV or spreadsheet with all your metadata, which can be easily imported into tags for media in your Pond5 account. See How Do I Use CSV Files to Add Metadata in Bulk? for more information.

It is even easier if your images have embedded IPTC metadata - our platform will extract titles, descriptions and keywords automatically for you. All you have to pay attention to is pricing, release information, and image type.

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