What Can I Do if My Files Are Not Uploading?

Tips for Uploading Issues

  • Wait 24 hours. Depending on the amount of uploads we're receiving, it can sometimes take hours for files to process.  Please give your files at least 24 hours to appear in your Uploads page.
  • Check your internet connection. Slow or unreliable internet connections can cause problems when trying to upload to Pond5. Confirm that you have a strong and secure connection before uploading your files.
  • Try using another browser. Certain browsers tend to work better depending on your machine. We recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. We do not advise using Internet Explorer.
  • Read the media specification page. Before uploading your files, check out Preparing Media For Upload  to make sure your files are correctly prepared.
  • Try uploading to a different server. Sometimes our FTP servers can get jammed or stalled out due to high traffic, and require a reboot. We have alternate servers such as ftp2.pond5.com or ftp3.pond5.com. 
  • Check your Uploads Page For Files That Have Been Rejected. If files are rejected by our pre-processing system, they will show up as unprocessed above any media files that have been accepted by our system.

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