How Do I Upload Media?

Before uploading you will need to become a seller. Find out how by checking out How Do I Become a Seller on Pond5?

Before you uploading files, be sure to check out Preparing for Upload, to make sure your files have been prepared correctly prior to upload:

To navigate to your uploads page:

Log into your account > Hover cursor over account avatar  > Click on Uploads

To begin uploading your media, simply click Upload New File

Using the On-Site Uploader

Click Choose Files and select your files to upload or drag and drop them into the space labeled Drag and drop files here.  Your upload will start automatically and you will be alerted once complete.

Using the FTP Uploader

To upload files via FTP, you need to first set a password for the FTP upload. 

To navigate to your FTP Settings: 

  • Log into your Pond5 account > Hover cursor over account avatar  > Click on Dashboard > Account  > FTP
  • You can see your FTP username and choose a password.
  • Choose FTP password and click Send


  • Log into your account > Hover cursor over account avatar  > Click on Uploads > Upload New File
  • Choose FTP password and click Send

When you create and enter a password, it should be different than the one you use to log into Pond5. Your FTP password does not need to be complex or memorable, as you can reset it anytime from your FTP Settings or Upload New File popup.

Make sure you have a suitable FTP client installed - if you do not have one, we suggest using a file management tool comparable to FileZilla.  

Once you have installed the FTP client, open it, and enter the following information:


Username: (your username)

Password: (the FTP password you just set)

Port: (leave blank)

Connect to the Server

When you see the message Status: Directory listing successful you will know you have signed on successfully.

You can now start uploading, by dragging items from your desktop to the "Remote Site" window.

If is too slow to upload your media, you can always connect to one of our backup ftp sites. Enter a number after ftp in the Host field.

Current FTP sites:

After Upload is Completed

Your files first go through our pre-processing system, during which they are being scrubbed for metadata and low-resolution preview files are being created. It may take several hours for your files to appear on your Uploads page.  Larger uploads take up to 48 hours to appear.  

If files are rejected by our pre-processing system, they will display as Unprocessed on the top of your Uploads page with a message for the reason.

For the files that are accepted by our system, they will first appear in your uploads page in a Processing status. Once the status displays Needs Edits your uploads will be ready for editing.

To find out the next steps, see How Do I Prepare My Media Files For The Curator?

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    i can not connect via FTP FileZIlla

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    Got a problem to upload

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    Well, haven't uploaded anything during 6 months because of FTP errors but took time now to check what the problem is, and no clue yet..changed the ftp adress but no change, so give me instructions that work otherwise Im out of here...

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    Not uploaded anything for over a year due to FTP not connecting

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    Constant problems with ftp login

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    Trying the whole day to connect without chance :-(
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    Hi pond5 Team, I have serious problems with ftp login. Help please
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    FTP not accepting server info.  Help.

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    I also cannot upload via FileZilla.

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    Здравствуйте. Не могу загрузить файлы ни обычным способом, ни через FTP. Что то случилось?

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    @Gennadiy - please write in to us at with a detailed description of the error you're getting, and what method of uploading you're using, and we'll be happy to look into any issues for you. 

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