How Do I Prepare My Media Files for the Curator?

Our curators are quite selective, so submit only your best professional-grade works to optimize your chances of acceptance. Also be sure to tag your files as accurately as possible. 

Before sending your media to our curators for review, you must first add information to your media.

Editing Your Uploads:

  • Log into your account
  • Hover cursor over account avatar
  • Click on Uploads
  • Click on Edit

Required information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Camera information
  • Keywords (We recommend at least 10-20 keywords.
    • Note: Maximum 50 keywords/Minimum 5 keywords
  • Price
    • If you are unsure on how to price your files, you can change the Pricing Method to Let Pond5 Set My Price
    • Price must meet our minimum price requirements before you can submit your files to the curator. See How Do I Price My Files?
  • Attached model release (if applicable) 

Needs Edits

All files stay in the Needs Edits status until you add all your keywords, description, camera information, etc.

To Save your edits, click Save. The status of your upload will remain in Needs Edits.

Note: If your edits will not save or you have received an error, you may be missing a required field. Please make sure that all the required fields are filled.

Submit For Review

Once all of the information is added to your file, you can send it for our curators to review.

Click Save And Submit For Review. The status of your upload will change to Pending for Review.

Your file is then added to our curator queue for review. Our review system sorts uploads by order of when Save And Submit For Review was entered. Please give our curators time to quickly and carefully review your uploads.

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    pending preview

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    Hey Haer, 

    Thank you for your continued patience and confidence in us. I have reviewed your account and these items have been successfully submitted to the queue for curation and are still pending review. 

    Im the meantime, please feel free to continue uploading more great content and we promise to get to it as soon as we can! Let us know if we can assist with anything else.



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    I can't seem to figure out what I am missing after editing to get my files to the point of submission. I have title, keywords, price set to Pond5 decide, camera information, date, etc. I do not know what I am missing.


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    HI Michelle - If you have completed all edits, you'll want to scroll to the bottom and click "Save and Submit for Review."  If that button is greyed out for you, it means your account is still awaiting Verification.  Please follow any instructions that appear at the top of your Uploads page, or you can always reach out to us at

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