Why Is My Media Not On The Site?

Your media is not live on the site until it has been reviewed by our curator it will not be accessible from public areas of the site, and will just be visible from your Uploads page.

Your media may be offline for one of three reasons, all of which can be checked from the My Pond>Upload page.

  • When you view all of your media, look in the status column. If your files have a status of Needs Edits, you must add more information and submit them to the curator for review.
  • If your files have a status of Pending Review, that means your files are in the curator queue and are awaiting their review.
  • If your media have a status of Rejected, then that means the curator has decided your media is not suitable for our collection and have been taken offline.

If you submitted media to the curator and you find your media in the Needs Edits stage, check your sitemail for a note from the curator as to what they want you to add.

Your media will only be live on the site if your media has a status of Online.

If you feel your media has been unfairly rejected, contact us for a more thorough explanation. 

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