What Does Cleared For Sampling Mean?

There are two ways to sell your audio content with Pond5. Artists have the ability to adjust these settings on a file by file basis.

Cleared For Sampling - YES

This applies mostly to sound effects, loops and samples. In addition to synchronization rights, the licensee is granted the right to remix, blend, and integrate content to produce new original musical works.

Cleared For Sampling - NO

This applies mostly to musical compositions. This content is sold under a standard synchronization license.  The licensee is granted the right to synchronize this music to film or other media, and to apply basic editing (such as setting start/end points, fades, etc.), but is not allowed to fundamentally alter the character, harmonic structure, lyrics or melody of the work.  In other words, they may not modify the content in any way that would result in a new, copyrightable musical work.

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    Still not clear on one thing: if the loop of music for ex. is used to create a new copyrightable piece, would i as author of the orig. loop still share a credit in the new piece? Cheers, D.W.

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    In a case where you made available for new musical works one of your songs, and someone buys and creates a new song with it, no, you would not share a credit in the new piece. It would be considered an original creation by the new artist, I believe.

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