Is My Usage Covered by Your License Agreement?

Usage rights are determined by the type of license you purchase. All of our licenses allow for worldwide use of the media in perpetuity.

Items marked Editorial may not be used in any form of advertisement, endorsement, commercial, or promotion, while those marked Commercial are generally available for commercial use.

The amount of merchandising allowed depends on which license level you choose. Our standard Individual License includes a run of 100,000, printed use only; our Business and Premium Licenses include 500,000 to an unlimited print use, including merchandising rights. 

Note that you cannot use Pond5 licensed content for logos, trademarks, reselling, or for sensitive use materials without a custom license. If you are in need of a custom license or are interested in a specific amount of indemnification protection, please contact us at or give us a call at +1 (855) 410-6789.


For some related usage questions, please see:

All About Our Licenses

Individual and Extended Licenses

PRO Tracks and Cue Sheets


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    can I use a 30 second music from pond5 to be included on my short film? would I be in any kind of trouble? And do I need to add in my short film credits the Artist of the instrumental song and pond 5?

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    @giomarch - Yes, generally speaking, that usage is covered.

    You can find information on our crediting preferences here:

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    Hi - if I'm producing a piece of video artwork to go with a musical album release, and I integrate a number of Pond5 clips into this video artwork, is this permissible under the license agreement? The video itself is not being "sold" per se, but the album is, and this includes the video. I seems to me like I should be ok but I thought I'd better check. Thanks!

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    @- - Yes, that sounds perfectly acceptable to me.

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    Many thanks Jonathan (don't know why I'm tagged as "- -" btw; I'm Patrick!

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    Would I be able to use most of the sound effects on Pond5 for a video game after making the payment to download, modified or otherwise?

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    @Nerdysimmer - Yup! :)

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    can I use a footage I buy from you on websites that I create for multiple clients?

    can I add my logo to the footage?

    my clients will not be allowed to use or sell the footage in any other place than the website that I create for them.

    please let me know.

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    Yes, if you are the licensee, and yes, you can. :)

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    Hi, I want use this video ( ) in commercial video ads (on Tv and Internet). It is written Editorial Only, if I purchase this video from your site, is your license fully cleared for commercial use? If not, under what conditions can I be authorized to use it in commercial video ads? Thank you.

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    @ZYanfilm - As the item states, it is only cleared for editorial usage. This is because there are no model or property releases for any of the content in the clip, so it is only suitable for editorial usage.
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    I am running a small design / video production company. Let's call it company "A". So my company "A" purchased photos and video footages from Pond5. Now, company "A" is working for company "B": - designing a website for them - creating an advertisment video for them. 1) Can company "B" legally publish their own website with the design that company "A" created for them? 2) Can company "B" run these video ads, made by company "A" on Facebook and as a Kickstarter crowdfunding? 3) if later, anyone contacts company "B" regarding the photo / video licenses, how can they prove that it was done for them by company "A", who licensed all from Pond5? What are the documents needed, what is the procedure in that case? Thank you!
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    @Istvan79 - First, I need to state that I'm not a lawyer, so I can't give you any legal advice on how to best accomplish these things. You'll need to speak with your own attorney for that. What I can tell you is this, the lifetime, unlimited usage rights go to the entity listed under the "licensee" section on your receipt. That could be either company A or company B, depending on how the materials are licensed at checkout, and both ways work too. But again, I can't advise you on which way is best. The documentation you want is just a copy of your receipt, which itself will contain a link to our [license agreement]( You can also generate a proof of purchase from the receipts section of your downloads page. :)
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    Jonathan, almost same question as the guy before me, but really, that damn license agreement could as well be written in ones and zeros ... anyway.

    My company is producing a PR / commercial video clip for another company. We want to use a Soundclip from your site for this. It's a not a PRO track. My company is getting paid from the company we are working for. The other company will be using the final video clip on their website, on facebook, maybe in international showrooms etc.
    Do you see a problem there?
    Do you advise to use my company's info for the licensee information at check out or is it necessary to use the other company's info?

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    I wanted to know if I can use a song for a video game, but the link to mobile applications is broken ("The page you were looking for doesn't exist").

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    I plan on creating videos that will incorporate Pond5 instrumentals in the opening credits.  I will add my vocals over the instrumentals.  I will then access a fee to stream my videos.  Is this ok to do?

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    Hey John, using our music in a video game should be fine, provided that you are not re-selling the media or your product does not consist of any sort of "build-it-yourself" application that would allow the user to manipulate the raw media from Pond5 to create their own projects.

    Brandon, incorporating our music into a video as you have described sounds perfectly fine. Once there is no way for the people streaming your video to extract the raw instrumental from Pond5 for their own use, this would be okay. 

    Please always read through the restrictions in section 4 of our License agreement to ensure your usage is covered.


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    I'm interested in buying: ironstrike's video

    In the back ground of a scene in an independent TV series that will be distributed afterwards in various places online. Couple questions I hope are not asking for legal advice.

    Is the receipt I receive digitally an understanding of the agreement to your license agreement for the footage? Do I also receive a signed release from you? 

    What formats if any other than digital download do you offer?

    Thanks so much!

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    Hi Corina, all media purchased from our site can be used in accordance with our Royalty Free License agreement.  When purchased, you will receive a digital receipt via email and the video can be downloaded from your Downloads page. This particular .mov video can be downloaded in either a prores, h264 or PhotoJPEG codec. Once your usage is covered by our license agreement, you may use the purchased file for various different projects. 

    If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at and we will be happy to help you!

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    If I buy a piece of music, can it be used for more than one project (2 videos with the same piece of music), or do I have to buy 2 licenses?

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    Yes, when you purchase media under our Royalty Free License, this means that you can use the file in just about any creative or commercial context, in as many projects as you wish!

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    Hi I have a question about the 3e of the license agreement:

    Use of Stills from Video: For video Content, unless we have granted you an Enhanced License or Premium License, you may not use "stills" derived from the Content, except in connection with the in-context marketing, promotion, and advertising of your Production that incorporates the Content.

    If I bought the standard license of some videos, could I use the video stills for printing stuff which won't charge anyone? for example leaflet .

    Many Thx

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    hi , i want to use the sound effects plus music track as the background music for a mobile game. is this allowed?

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    @Sharika - If you check out the details of our Extended Licenses, you'll see that Digital Merchandising is covered by the Premium License.  

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