What Does "Editorial Only" Mean?


Content marked as "Editorial Usage" is content that is newsworthy or of general public interest and is not cleared for advertising, promotional, merchandising or any other commercial uses.

These files have uncleared faces, voices, music, or logos in them that would need to be obscured or cleared using model/ property releases to make the clip acceptable for commercial use. This content is intended to be used only in connection with events or topics that are newsworthy or of general public interest such as Documentaries, News stories or Educational productions.

Ultimately, only the buyer themselves can make the determination if their project can use "Editorial only" files that are not fully cleared. We would suggest running your usage and the kinds of clips you may be using by legal counsel to make absolutely sure.

In most cases, if clearances cannot be obtained, digitally obscuring or removing the identifying elements from your work will be sufficient.

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