How Do I Install the Adobe Premiere Pro® Pond5 Add-On?

The Adobe Premiere Pro® Pond5 Add-On allows you to browse through our vast and ever-growing library of over 4 million royalty-free high quality files within the Premiere Pro interface. It is free and easy to install. You can import previews directly into your project and replace with purchased hi-res versions. The Adobe Premiere Pro® Pond5 Add-On is an easy way to search, test, and purchase media for your projects.

Downloading the Adobe Premiere Pro® Pond5 Add-On

Check out our Adobe Plugin page to navigate to the Adobe Add-On page.

Note: Please be sure to download version 0.8.2

  • Click Install Add-On
  • Open Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
  • Open a new or existing project
  • Click Window > Extensions > Pond5 PPRO


To use the Pond5 Add-On, Premiere Pro CC2015 is needed. Please ensure to update your version of Premiere Pro in Adobe Creative Cloud before downloading the Pond5 Add-On.


The Adobe Premiere Pro® Pond5 Add-On works with Mac OS 10.6.8 and above and Windows 7.

Using Your Pond5 Account With Premiere Pro Add-On

You do not need a Pond5 account to only browse through media in the Premiere Pro extension. In order to import, conform, save, purchase, and download media from Pond5, you would to be signed into your Pond5 account. For help creating an account, see How Do I Sign Up For Pond5?

Invalid Codec / Missing Codec

This error message is usually associated with Windows, this can be resolved by downloading and installing Quicktime Player 7.

Bonus of 50 Free Files

After downloading the Adobe Premiere Pro® Pond5 Add-On, you will have access to 50 free pre-selected media files, card is not required. If you are prompted to input a credit card number, you have added media files to your cart that have a price higher than $0.


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