How Do I Download A Preview?

We have watermarked low-resolution previews available for download for all media files. You can use these preview files for approvals or test the files in your projects before purchasing full-resolution files.

Downloading a Preview:

  • On the search results page, hover your mouse over any preview to see the button to download a preview.



  • Click on any item to open a file’s full item details page
  • Click the button that says "download a preview", and select the version you want to download.



Note: Preview Files are only for reviewing purposes and their usage is not covered by our License Agreement. Remember to purchase the full-resolution file before completing your project.

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    I can download the preview but there is no sound for any of the videos!!!

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    Many of our video clips do not have sound, so that could be intentional. If you like, feel free to contact our support team with the specific clipID number, and we'll be happy to make sure everything is in order. (

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    why can't you batch download previews, once multiple files are in a collection?
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    It's just not a functionality that we've built into the system yet. That's a fairly common feature request, so we know how awesome it would be, and I expect we'll have something like that eventually. :)
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    A recent client is asking for a lot of stock footage. Is there a cool way to replace previews with purchased footage once the edit is locked? (did that question make sense?? I can clarify...)

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    Hey Charlie, we have reached out to you directly to clarify some more about your request :)

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    I also have a client looking for a lot of stock footage.  Is it possible to download the collection instead of each clip individually ?  If not, it's a major flaw in the site..

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    I don't know if this has been explained somewhere yet, but even when i explicitly filter for videos with sound, the previews don't have sound at all. What's up with that?

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    Hey Bill, unfortunately our batch downloader is not working at this time. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. We expect to have this feature back up and running but do not have an approximate time frame for resolution unfortunately.

    When filtering your search to Contain Audio, it should filter out any files without audio. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have run a few searches and the search appears to be working as it should when filtered. Please feel free to provide me with some examples where this is not the case and we would be happy to investigate further. 

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    Well, for example, this whole part of this gallery

    (I have filtered for audio, but none of the previews seem to contain audio):,vampire

    as well as clips like this:

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    Hi Max - Previews are accurate to the state of the clips as far as audio, and I believe this issue you're seeing is due to the "contains audio" filter taking information from the clip's metadata.  I'll make sure the site team knows that there is some fallibility here that may require double checking. 

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