How Do I Search For Media?

With our vast and ever-growing library of over 25 million royalty-free video clips - plus music, sound effects, photos, and more, you can get inspired without compromise.

Getting Started

  • Navigate to the Pond5 homepage.
  • Type your keywords in our search bar.
  • Choose your media type by selecting from the drop down menu to the right of your search.
  • Click the search icon or ENTER.

When you find media you like, simply click the add to cart or add to collection icon. You can also drag and drop the clips into the toolbar on the right, save them for later, or share with ease. You can even control who has access to your collections - just set them to private or public. You can read more in our What Are Collections? article.

Sorting Results

You can sort your results by choosing an option from the drop-down menu. This includes sorting by best match, popular, newest, price, and duration.


Note: Sorting will reset if media type is updated

How to Filter Search Results

You can refine your results by using the filters and sliders on the left hand side of your search results.

First, enter a search term into the search box, and click the search icon or ENTER. Once your search results appear, you will see the filters toolbar to the left of your results.

Your search results will update instantly with the filters you check.


Using Search Page Thumbnails

To get a closer look, simply hover your cursor over the Thumbnail to see a clip’s title and current price. You can directly add media to your cart or collection by clicking on the icons.



Clicking on the Thumbnail will take you to the item details page, where additional information will be available, and even more when you click the "view item details" arrow under the player window.



Using Pond5 Visual Search

We now offer cutting-edge technology which allows you to upload a reference image or video, edit the elements within it, and search for visually similar content. Click here to learn more. 


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  • Avatar

    Can you do advanced search queries like displaying results that don't include a particular artist (in the cases when one artist style is not what you are looking for and that artist has lots of keyword search results)

    In google you can use a minus sign like 'burger -king' and you wont see "Burger King" in the results

  • Avatar

    @Moebull - we actually do! One should search for “burger not king”:



  • Avatar

    It really complicates matters for me that you can’t search videos by stock number. If I haven’t bookmarked a clip but have downloaded a sample, the clip number is part of the file name, and it would provide an easy way to go right to the clip page and buy the exact clip I need. Shutterstock and others allow you to do this. Otherwise, I’m forced to search using part of the clip description and weed through all of the similar clips to find the right one—then check the number in the URL bar to make sure I have exactly the right one.

  • Avatar

    @briantroutman - You actually are able to search for items by clipID. The clipID can be found on the item information page, or in the filename for the preview. It's just a string of numbers. If you punch those into search, without any filters on, that file will be the only one to return.

    Sometimes a file is associated with other files, and in that case you'll get the one item page with all the associated versions on it. Then you just have to click "add to cart" on the particular "flavor" you want.

    If you're not able to get files to return with the clipID, double check your advanced filters. Are you searching for an image in the video section, for example? If you clear the filters, that should help. :)

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