Stalled Download

There are various reasons that can prevent a download to complete.


  • Check your computer and make sure that you have enough space on it to download the file on your hard drive.


  • Always keep your Browsers up to date, or try another browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. You can also try clearing your browser cookies and cache to see if that allows you to download the file.


  • Try using an ethernet internet connection - WiFi can be problematic for large downloads such as 4K video files.
  • If you continue to experience issues, do a speedtest to check your download speed. If it looks low, consider downloading the file from another location with a better internet connection, such as a closed, password-protected network.

   Network Firewall

  • If your speed is fine and the file is still not downloading, please check with your network administrator to make sure that you are able to download large files. With some security settings this is at times blocked.

   Security Setting

  • If you are seeing a spinning Pond5 logo, please reach out to us at to receive immediate assistance.


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