Stalled Download

There are various reasons that can prevent a download to complete.

  • Check your computer and make sure that you have enough space to download the file on your hard drive.
  • Try using an ethernet internet connection - WiFi can be problematic for large downloads such as HD video files.
  • If you continue to experience issues, do a speedtest to check your download speed. If it looks low, consider downloading the file from another location with a better internet connection, such as a closed, password-protected network.
  • If your speed is fine and the file is still not downloading, please check with your network administrator to make sure that you are able to download large files. With some security settings this is at times blocked.

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    Hi, I've being experiencing REALLY slow downloads from your site. The download speed is around 5KB/s for a 145MB file (11 hours of download) and this is the second file I have downloaded this week with such slow speeds.

    I have checked my connection and is perfect, I can download other files at full speed. My ISP does not restrict large files, I know this because I usually download really large files with no hustle.

    Is there a problem with your severs this days?


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    This comment is from January 2016 and I am having the same problem - a pain in the neck...
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    There are countless possible causes for slow download speeds, but you can always contact for help troubleshooting the problem.
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    Oh really? I wrote a bunch of messages to customer service and called countless times - not a single answer. I know my job - the problem here is Pond5 server without proper speed for this kind of service.
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    I see a grand total of three messages from your "egalvani" account in our support system. One from May that we did respond to, and two more from yesterday. So yes, I expect you won't have heard anything from us just yet. Please be patient, we'll respond to your messages just as soon as we are able.
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    My file is seeming to take forever to download. Is there anything you can do to send me the file instead? It's only an 18 second audio loop so it shouldn't be taking long, and my internet speed is fine on my side.

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    The download button won't progress past this window. Please email me my file, I need it ASAP.

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    Downloads times out after 1 minute of downloading. I have to pause and restart it over and over to get it to keep loading. I download large files all the time and this is the only site that I have this issue with. It's VERY frustrating. Everything is fine on my side, I just need you all to get a faster server. Is there a way you can send me a download link instead? This is getting ridiculous. 

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    Hi Stephanie, 

    We have tested the download on our end and it is working as normal, so I am sending you over your two recently purchased files via wetransfer. I would recommend clearing your cookies and cache, and ensuring you are using Chrome or Firefox, as these browsers work best on our site. Hopefully this will help speed up the download process. 

    Ben, I see that we have taken care of you directly via email. Please reach out to if you continue experiencing problems.

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    I have the same problem, download stalls at 1 min. Everything checks out. I purchase the long version. I ONLY NEED THE SHORT VERSION.

    CAN YOU SWITCH IT? I really need this to finish a video production.

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