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Help with an ‘unsupported format’ error: Why won’t the file I just licensed open?

In today’s digital world, not every video editing software can open and play every type of video format. Generally speaking, there are four common situations when you would receive this kind of error:

  1. The corresponding audio/video codec is missing in your player.
  2. Your player does not support the video container format.
  3. The file is formatted specifically for Mac Operating Systems.
  4. The video file itself is corrupted.

Lack of proper codecs is usually the reason for a ‘video format not supported’ message on your workstation. Codecs are parts of files that contain the necessary information to encode or decode data. If your file lacks proper codecs, it cannot play on your device.

How can I check for compatibility before I purchase the file?
You can find additional information about the file format on the item detail page to the right of the pricing information.

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Will Pond5 convert my file for me?

At Pond5, we are happy to provide our community with complimentary file conversion services to ensure all licensed assets are compatible across various software programs and personal workstations.

However, if you prefer to convert the file independently, below are some of our favorite sites to help you convert files. We even use these sites within our Support team! Kindly note that we are always happy to step in and provide this service free of charge. Just reach out to, and our support team will be delighted to assist you!

Video Files:

If you cannot use a video file due to codec/container issues, we can generally supply you with a high-quality format conversion free of charge. Please contact us for details, and include your operating system, editing software, and any other information that can help us get you the most compatible format for your system.

For conversions from .mov to other standard formats, we suggest using a free program such as Mpeg Streamclip or VLC Player to convert the file to your preference.

Currently, we are unable to convert files to Flash or web formats.

Audio Files:

We suggest using a program like Audacity to convert your audio files to a preferred format.

Additional Online Conversion Tools: 

You can also find other conversion tools online that can help, such as Zamzar, Wondershare and Online-Convert

Still need help? Contact us!

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