What are Prepaid Credit Packs?

Time is money. Save a little of both with our prepaid credit packs!

Credit Packs are available as a prepaid option to download media files. You can load your Pond5 account with credits by either choosing one of the options available on our Credit Packs page. The larger the pack you choose, the more free bonus credits you receive.

Credits are valid for two years after purchase, and can be used at any time to purchase content from Pond5. This is a great option to check out multiple times without having to use your credit card information. 

Purchasing a Credit Pack:

  • Visit our Credit Packs page
  • Click Purchase
  • Enter Billing information
  • Enter/Choose Payment Method
  • Choose whether you want your Credit Pack to Renew
  • Check I have read and agreed to the Royalty Free License Agreement
  • Click Place Order


Checking Out Using Credits In Seconds:

Credits will automatically be used for your next purchase, as long as you are using the same currency. 

When you have enough available credit on your account, you will notice under Payment Method that the credit will be listed as a deduction off the total price, and any remaining credit will be listed.

If you have enough credit for partial payment, you will have the option to add another Payment Method.

Checkout 2023-07-25 at 5.33.17 p.m..jpg

Be sure to check the totals to ensure that the credits are being used in the purchase as well. You will also be able to see how many of your bonus credits are being applied to the transaction.

Checkout 2023-07-25 at 5.32.02 p.m..jpg
Need a Custom Credit Pack? Call +353 1 513 4475 or contact us at creditpacks@pond5.com

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