How Can I Get A Discount?

Our artists have the freedom to name their own low prices, and the split of sales goes directly to them. Buyers are essentially purchasing each file from individual artists. For this reason, we can't usually provide discounts. 

We do offer bulk discounts in the form of our Pre-Paid Credit Packages with free Bonus Credits with our larger packages. Find out more by checking out What Are Prepaid Credit Packages?

Our newsletters occasionally offer promotions and discount codes, so please check your Email Preferences are set to receive them.

If you are buying often, you can get unlimited access to the Membership Collection for just one monthly or yearly price with a Pond5 Membership.

We also have discounts available for current students. Read more about our student discounts here: Student Discounts at Pond5.



Our first time buyers can use the code HELLO20 for 20% off of their first order with us! This gives a maximum discount of $30 and can only be applied to the buyer first purchase.


You can also check out our free content!

  • Every week we offer a different Free clip of the week which is free of charge to download for all users, make sure email Preferences are set so you receive the weekly reminder!
  • Check out our Free Collection of more than 3,000 complimentary HD & 4K video clips, images, and music tracks, yours to use in personal or business projects.  

We also host one of the largest and openly accessible collections of completely free Public Domain content for you to use.

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    Please begin one! It would be much more attractive than other alternatives out there.

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    We appreciate your sentiment, and so periodically we do send our users newsletters with free clips or special promotions. With our artist-friendly platform, you are essentially purchasing each clip from individual artists, which is why we usually can't provide package deals or bulk discounts. We pay the highest royalties, letting our artists price all their own content, which makes Pond5 one of the most affordable places to buy stock media on the planet.

    If you are finding items to be out of your price range, you can adjust your search settings to sort by Price.

    Here is our article that helps illustrate this:

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