A Backlot is a piece of footage composed by flawlessly stitching three images captured at 4K resolution at varying angles. Digital Backlot creates a 160-degree panoramic video image, allowing the buyer to simulate a backdrop scene of various cities around the world.

Backlots are typically used for green screen studio productions to create flawless effect of real city landscape with composite ready effective resolution of 8K.

Backlot+ is a new type of 4k content that is ready for green screen compositing. It includes implemented foreground that perfectly matches the light of the scenery, of the background.

With Backlot+ files, it’s easier than ever to create high quality scenes of various landmarks and sights of the world. 

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    This sounds like something I could video, but who does the stitching together of the 3 videos? Would I upload separate 4K clips, or can I put them together myself?
    Can you help, please?

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    @denisw - Pond5 does not offer any editing services, so all editing needs to be done by you. However, simply stitching three videos together to create a panoramic shot won't qualify as a backlot. Backlots are shot as panoramas.

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