Using Public Domain Content In Different Countries

For practical reasons, Pond5 curators have focused on public domain status under U.S. laws. However, sometimes a work that is considered to be in the public domain in the United States is not considered to be in the public domain in another county. Pond5 cannot offer clearance for usage of content in any of these cases, so it is your responsibility to verify the public domain status of any individual item in the countries you intend to use it in. We recommend that prior to using content from the Pond5 Public Domain Project outside the US you:

  1. Visit Public Domain Calculators from institutions like Europeana, which covers most countries in Europe. You may use the information from any item page to check the status of that item or contact the source institution if you need further details.
  2. Seek legal counsel from someone specialized in the copyright laws of your country


Want more information? Click Here to read the Pond5 Royalty-Free License Agreement, or review more articles about the Pond5 Public Domain Project on our Help Center.


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