Does Pond5 Accept Public Domain Media?

Pond5 does NOT accept public domain media, unless it has been modified into a new original work for distribution.


Changes That Qualify As An Original Work


Changes to the media must be aesthetically significant, such that value is added and a new copyrightable work has been created. Our Pond5 curators will make the final decision on whether any revisions qualify to be resubmitted.


Acceptable Public Domain that has been significantly reworked, and allowed for re-sale on Pond5





If Public Domain has NOT been modified, it will NOT be allowed for re-sale on Pond5.


Please keep in mind that we assume no responsibility, and you are solely responsible, for reviewing the content information and if necessary confirming that the Public Domain content is in fact in the Public Domain in the United States and every other country where your project will be used. 


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