How Does Auto-Tagging Work?

Pond5 uses image-recognition software that can generate keywords automatically to your uploaded media.

We are extremely proud to be the first marketplace to apply innovative Artificial Neural Networks and make auto-tagging available to you. Like the human brain, the more you use the auto-tagging tool the more efficient and effective it becomes.

Using Auto-Tagging

  • Navigate to your Uploads page you can add metadata to your uploaded files
  • Click on the Edit or Needs Edits button, which will direct you to the Edit Item page
  • Scroll to Keywords to find our suggested tags
  • Review Keywords
  • To expand, manually remove or add tags
  • Confirm and click Save Changes and Submit for Review

Using Only Your Created Keywords

If you prefer, you do have the option to continue to rely exclusively on the keywords that you create.

  • Apply a CSV file containing only the keywords you have created
  • Edit items straight from your Uploads page before your visit the Edit Item page.
  • Disable the Automatically Suggested Keywords on the My Preferences page.

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  • Avatar

    My auto-tagging doesn't always work. Why is that?

  • Avatar

    @Darko - There is a known bug currently impacting those systems. Our team is working on a fix as we speak. :)

  • Avatar

    Ok, thank you. Otherwise, it's a great tool.

  • Avatar

    Is this tool stopped?

  • Avatar

    @Alon If you go to the edit item page for an item that has no keywords set, the field should be populated with suggestions. It's active on the edit item page for videos and photos.

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