How Does Selling Work?

Before you get started with uploading, please review Preparing Media For Upload to make sure your files meet the necessary requirements. Also, be sure to browse through our Seller FAQ to see our most common questions.

Account Verification

In order to completely verify your Pond5 seller account, you would first need to verify your identity by uploading an ID. This is to protect you and your media. See Why Do I Need To Upload My ID?


There are two simple methods you can choose to upload your work, using the HTML5 Uploader or uploading via FTP.

If you have an extensive collection, you have the option to mail it to us on a hard drive.

Adding Information

Once your uploads are accepted through our preprocessing system, your media will be in your Uploads page and have a needs edits status.  

You will need to go through and add keywords, a description, camera information, prices, etc.  To do this, click on your file, edit, and finally save and submit for review.

Note: Your files will stay in the need edits status until you submit them for curation by clicking save and submit for review.

Curation Time

On average it takes us 3-7 business days to curate video footage or images, but wait times can sometimes be longer depending on how many files have been uploaded. Once the curator reviews your upload and accepts it, you will then see it for sale on You will be notified with approval decisions by email and via our messaging system.


When you get a sale, we will also notify you via email. You will receive 50% of each sale, with Pond5 retaining the other 50%. Once your balance reaches the payout limit, we will transfer the balance to the payout method of your choice. Please note that our payouts are processed once a month, on the 15th.

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