Why Were My Files Rejected?

Our curators base their rejection of files on many different factors. You will always receive a message from our curators regarding the rejection reason. 

Our curators may decide that the content is too low quality to be accepted or that our library already has too many similar files and that your wouldn't sell.

If you feel like your files have been rejected for an improper reason, please let us know and we can look into the specific files in question. In order for us to do this, please contact us at support@pond5.com and include file ID's for this process.

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    Hello there,
    May you tell me, why you rejected all my past 11 pictures contribution ?
    One of them ID: 67341666
    Vitaliy R.

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    I do not think that the reviewers bother to look at things like selective focus, they seem to just pop it up to max and if they have selected the wrong bit of image it is bound to be out of focus...therefore they reject it. They have even rejected photographs that have been on top quality sites due to thier lack of interest in properly reviewing images

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    Hi Sarah - Our curators are people and not an automated system, so although they are trained and well versed in what will sell in our marketplace, they are human and are not infallible.  If you ever think that your files have been rejected for an improper reason, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@pond5.com with some example clip IDs and we'll be happy to get a second opinion for you. 

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