Why Should I Sell on Pond5?

Your stock media is in demand! 

Pond5 wants to help you sell your video footage, photography, background music, sound effects, illustrations, motion graphic templates.

If you are a rights-holder of professional quality video, audio or after effects projects, you are invited to partner with us in selling your media online. This is an opportunity for media makers everywhere to earn money licensing their work for use by others – simply, quickly and easily. We're always accepting new submissions in all categories!

What We Offer

  • A Vast and Growing Global Marketplace Platform where your media can easily be purchased and accessed online, 24 hours a day.
  • A Quick and Easy Workflow Upload your clips, tag them with info, submit them to the curator and earn. It's that easy.
  • 50 Percent Commissions on All Sales Simple, straightforward and several times higher than the industry standard
  • Monthly Payments by Paypal, Skrill/Moneybookers, or Payoneer As your clip portfolio grows, this can bring in continued regular income from a relatively small initial investment of time.
  • You Set the Price for Your Media Buyers pay what you want them to pay, and you can change the price whenever you like.
  • Non-Exclusive We never require you to sell exclusively through us. Instead, we think our flexibility and high returns naturally make us the easy choice.
  • Aggressive Marketing on Your Behalf. Extensive, ongoing campaigns designed to bring business to your doorstep.
  • Real-time Data on Clip Sales, Buying Trends, Media Requests, and More. All the information you need to make the most from your stock media sales.
  • An Artist-Built, Artist-Friendly Community of Media Producers. Our active community forums include special sections available only to sellers to discuss the ins and outs of the stock industry.

What We’re Looking For

Dazzling, amazing, significant, and staggeringly beautiful content of all categories and genres, including:

  • Classic Stock Video and Photos: fashion, lifestyle, sports, and location-based media
  • Editorial and News Content
  • Motion Graphics, Motion Backgrounds, and VJ Loops
  • Archival Media From All Eras
  • Music Beds and Beats
  • Sound Effects and Ambient Noise
  • Original Songs, Both Digital and Recorded

Note: Regardless of the style of your media, it should be of extremely high quality. Commercially oriented work should be professionally shot or recorded and carefully chosen. Editorial and archival content should be informative, powerful, and tagged with accurate contextual information. Please use your good judgement in uploading your clips and upload only those clips that are likely to be commercially viable.

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