Modify Subscription

With our flexible subscription options you can change your subscription plan at any time to fit your needs. You are able to change a monthly to an annual subscription, and an annual to a monthly subscription. 

Modifying Your Subscription

  • First, Sign into your account
  • Click on your current Subscription next to your account avatar or navigate to your Subscription Page
  • Hover cursor over your account avatar > Click on Dashboard >  Account > Subscription
  • Click the button: Change Your Plan. You may also Click here to learn more about all of our plans.

Dashboard 2024-03-14 at 6.33.52 p.m..jpg

Depending on your current Subscription status, you will need to confirm any changes by checking the box next to the update description. The effective date will be stated in this description.

*Note: Any modifications to legacy Subscriptions will be set to current rates and terms

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