Becoming A Member

To become a member, you will first need to choose a Membership package that best fits your needs.

Choosing a Membership Package

To see the types of Memberships we offer see our Memberships page and  What Are Memberships?

To select your membership package:

  • To Navigate to the Memberships page: Scroll down to the bottom of the Pond5 homepage and click on Membership under the Buyer resources column.


  • Choose your membership package and click Buy Now


  • You will need a free Pond5 account to continue. You can sign in or create an account. For more information see How Do I Sign Up For Pond5?


Paying For Your Membership

After choosing and signing into your account, you will need to complete the checkout process to acquire your membership.

You will need to fill in your billing information and you can confirm your Membership package choice under Your Membership. Your total will display before confirming your Payment Method.

Paying With A Different Currency

You can pay for your Membership with any of our currently supported currencies. To find out which ones, see Which Currencies Does Pond5 Accept?

Choosing a Payment Method

You can choose to purchase your membership from the following options:

  • Major Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Site Credit
    • Note: Currently we do not support invoicing for Membership Packages

Site Credit will automatically be applied to your transaction and your total will be reflected. To save your site credit for another transaction, uncheck the box.

Note:  In order to maintain an active membership, a credit card or PayPal account must confirmed before the next auto-renewal date.


To choose between Credit Card and PayPal you can click on either option and fill in the needed information.

To complete your Membership purchase, click Place Order. You must first check and confirm I have read and agreed to the Royalty Free License Agreement.

After placing your order, you will be congratulated for becoming a member and you can immediately start searching. For help getting started see How Do I Get Started With My Membership?

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