Getting Started With Membership

If you are needing help getting started with purchasing using your Pond5 account, check out our Buyer Getting Started FAQ.

Checking the Status of Your Membership

You can always see details about your current membership by visiting your Membership page. To find your My Membership page: Sign into your account > Hover cursor over your account avatar > Click on Dashboard > Account > Membership

 On your My Membership page you will find:

  • Your current type of membership
  • Number of available downloads
  • Download Refill Date
  • Renewal Date
  • Membership Charge
  • Membership Status 

Searching For Media Within Membership Collection


To get started on searching see How Do I Search For Media? To search through our membership collection, you can navigate to the Membership page or simply set a filter.

To set Membership Content filter:

  • Type your keywords in our search bar
  • Choose your media type by selecting from the drop down menu
  • Hit the search icon or ENTER
  • On the left-hand side of the page, find the search filters and the "collections" section
  • Check the Membership Content box to set filter the search results to membership content

To preview a file, hover your cursor over the thumbnail. The file will display as "INCLUDED IN MEMBERSHIP." To open a full page preview, click on the file thumbnail.


Downloading From Membership Collection

When logged into your membership account, you will be eligible to take advantage of your free downloads. The number of your remaining free downloads will display in your cart or on a membership item’s download icon and all files in our core library will display with a price.

When you are ready to use one of your free Membership downloads, you can download instantly by clicking Download on a file’s full preview page.


Alternatively, you can add any files into your cart and can either choose to use one of your free Membership downloads. There should be no charge listed for membership items.

To learn more see How Do Membership Downloads Work? and check out How/Where Do I Download My Purchase?

Understanding Your Cart

When logged into your membership account, the items in your cart will be divided into two sections:

  • Membership Items
    • If you would like to use one of your membership downloads, simply click FREE DOWNLOAD. You can choose to save your free download for another membership collection item and proceed to purchase the item a-la-carte.
    • Membership-eligible items you have not downloaded yet are included in your cart total.
  • Core Library Items
    • All core library items will display with an a-la-carte price


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