Managing Subscriptions

You can manage your subscription from your Subscription page on your Pond5 account Dashboard!

Log into your account > Hover cursor over account avatar > Click on Dashboard > Account > Subscription


Finding Receipt/Proof of Purchase

You can view and generate receipts for any of your purchases from your Downloads page. For more information, see How Do I Get a Receipt or Proof of Purchase?

Updating Recurring Payment Method

Subscription payment methods can be updated at any time from your Subscription page.

  • Adding/updating your Recurring Payment Credit Card:
  • Adding a New Card

Scroll down to Payment Method > Click Add New Card to input new card details > Fill in card information > Click Save Credit Card


  • Updating Card

Scroll down to Recurring Payment Method > Choose another saved card from the dropdown menu


  • Updating your PayPal information:

To make any adjustments to your PayPal account, please refer to the PayPal website

*Note: When PayPal is the auto-pay method, you will only be able to change the credit card through the PayPal portal. Additionally, when a credit card is the auto-pay method, you will be unable to change your payment method to PayPal. 

Renewing Your Subscription

Once you are a subscription owner, your recurring payment method will automatically be saved and charged on your renewal date. For more information about your subscription see How Do I Get Started With My Subscription? 

Having Multiple Subscription

You do have the freedom to have multiple subscriptions. Please know, only one subscription plan can be active on one Pond5 account at a time. To acquire another subscription, you can create a new account and purchase an additional subscription package. For help with purchasing a subscription, see How Do I Become A Subscriber?

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