Issues With Purchase

Item Does Not Open:

Here are some basic solutions if your purchased item doesn't open.

-Video: the file may be in an incompatible format. If you aren't familiar with video editing/conversion software, please email us and we can perform a conversion on the back end. You can then download the best format on your Downloads page. Otherwise you can use Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas, Filmore Wondershare, MPEG Streamclip, VLC Player, and more to convert the file into a working format. 

-Music/SFX: The file may be in an incompatible format, or it may not have downloaded fully. Check the extension to make sure you can see it, and make sure it's in .wav or .aiff format. Try changing the extension to .mp3, or try opening a media player program like iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc and see if it works.

-Photo: The file may be in an incompatible format, or may not have fully downloaded. please be sure the file has an extension (.jpg, etc) and open it. Try adding/changing the extension to other formats like .png, .tiff, .pdf, .psd to see if it still isn't opening. 

-Illustrations/PSD: You may not have compatible software. Be sure that you have compatible software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., and check the extension to make sure it's there

-After Effects: You may not have After Effects installed on your computer, you may not have an installed plugin that's required to operate the template, or some of the included assets may be incompatible with your system.

First, check your computer and make sure that you have Adobe After Effects installed on your computer. Second, open the template. If it says that something is missing, please take a screenshot and contact us, making sure to attach the screenshot. If an asset is in an unsupported format, please either convert the file into a format compatible with your system, or send us an email so we can convert the file(s) or troubleshoot the media for you.

Playback Is Not Smooth:

It is possible that you are experiencing issues with Quicktime Player, Pinnacle, Windows Movie Maker, or other comparable consumer editing programs, because they are unable to handle broadcast quality 4K files.

When you play the high quality HD/4K files in your system and they are stuttering or are not playing smoothly, we suggest converting the file to something your system can handle. You can also edit the file as-is and export. Even if your system is not able to play the file smoothly, it should still be able to export your project into a playable file. This is dependent on how difficult the file is to work with in your timeline.

We also suggest conducting an internet search for which format and size your program can ingest and use a program like Mpeg Streamclip, VLC Player, or to convert your file.

Download Still Has Pond5 Watermark:

After purchasing a file, make sure you download a full-resolution file from the Downloads page.

If you are still receiving a file with a Pond5 Watermark, you have downloaded the low-resolution preview of the file. Delete the preview and download your purchase from the Downloads page. See Downloading Purchases

Opened Download And It Is Blank:

If you open your download and you can only see a plain white or blank screen, your file was possibly uploaded in HDV, Mpeg2 Codec, DnXHD, or another incompatible format which is not supported on all systems. If you run into this issue, we'd be happy to provide you with a free conversion. Please contact us for a free conversion to a more universal form. For more information see Conversion Services

Received An EPS File When A High-Res Image Was Purchased:

The highest resolution version of the file happens to be an EPS vector file.

A vector is a scalable image format meant for use in high-end photo editing software.

If you do not have a professional photo editing program to manipulate a vector, you may not be able to use it. Please contact us to request a refund so you can purchase a version of the file that you can work with.

Getting A Tiny Image File When Downloading:

This is a quirk with certain browsers and can be easily fixed.

  • Go back to the Downloads page.
  • Click Download and right-click (control+click on a mac) on the Download link.
  • A context menu should appear.
  • Click Save Target or Save File
    • DO NOT click Save Image As (it varies across browsers) from the context menu.  Save Image only saves a gif of the download button.
  • Your download will start.


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