How Do I Change My Username?

If you're needing to change your Pond5 username, you are welcome to complete this from the Pond5 Username & Password page.

  1. Sign into your account Here.
  2. Hover your cursor over the account avatar in the top right-hand corner > Click on DashboardAccountUsername & Password
  3. Type in your desired new username.
  4. Click Submit.

Please note: Usernames may consist of underscores ( _ ) and alphanumeric characters, but usernames cannot start with a number. Spaces are also not permitted.


Note: You are able to change your username one time. It is very important to us that our marketplace be a place of integrity. Allowing users to change their names multiple times could cause quite a bit of confusion amongst other users.

If special circumstances require another name change, please send us a request to

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