Submitting 360 VR Media

Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines for all 360 files you plan to upload:

  • Make sure your video is at least 45 seconds long.
  • We accept 360 clips up to a maximum of 120 seconds.
  • You can upload items in 2:1 aspect ratio.
  • 4K files are highly preferred over 1080HD.
  • Do not include audio on videos.
  • Add 360 metadata to your video content.
  • Make sure to tag your uploads with keywords such as: “VR360,” “VR,” and “360VR.”

Adding 360 metadata

For your files to be considered for and displayed in our 360 player, please make sure to apply 360 metadata prior to upload. You can do this using Google’s metadata tool, available to download here. (Please check Step 2 on that page for a detailed walkthrough.)

Uploading Your Files

Once you’ve stitched your video, applied 360 metadata, and are and are ready to upload, please follow these steps:

1. Examine your file thoroughly within a 360-media player of your preference (such as Kolor, YouTube, or Facebook) and make sure it plays properly.

2. Upload your file to your Pond5 artist account.

3. Go to the Edit Item page of your 360 video and make sure to include 360VR in the title and description of the file, as shown in the example below:

4. Tag every 360 upload with relevant keywords such as: VR, 360VR, 360 Video, and Virtual Reality 360 alongside your regular conceptual keywords.

5. In the Additional Info section, please include a note to the curator stating that it is 360VR Footage.

6. Submit, wait for review, and become part of the 360VR revolution with Pond5!

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