What Are Collections?

Collections are a convenient place to drag and drop media files you like, and/or a place to store and categorize groups of your own uploaded files. You can create multiple Collections for different projects or topics of your choosing.

You can add items to a collection directly from the search results page by clicking the "Add to Collection" icon on the clip(s) you would like to add


This will open the collections window, where you can use the text bar at the top of the window to create a new collection or find an existing one. This window will also allow you to view and browse all of your collections.


To create a new collection, simply type your desired name into the search bar and hit the + icon


You will then get a confirmation message at the bottom of the page, and you can view the entire collection from here.


Setting a Default collection

You can set a default collection by pressing the gear icon


Click on the collection you would like to set as your default collection


You will then receive a confirmation message with an option to view your default collection


Once you have a default collection set, pressing the + icon on selected videos will automatically add them to this collection.

You can always change your default collection settings from the confirmation message that appears at the bottom of the page.


Removing items from a collection

You can remove an item from a collection by hitting the trash icon that appears on the collections window.


Viewing all collections

You can also view all of your collections by hovering over your account icon and selecting "My Collections" from the dropdown menu.


This will open your menu of collections. From here you can, add a new collection, delete a collection or make a collection Public.


Adding a Collection to your Cart

You can add an entire collection to your cart by hitting the "Add all to Cart" button on the main collection page.


To get started on searching check out: How Do I Search For Media?

Additional Collections tips for our Artist community can be found here: Pond5 Collections for Artists 

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