How Do I Title My Media?

Good titles are an incredibly effective means of gaining traffic to your content — and thus, a great way of increasing your sales. In order to get the most of your titles and to have your items approved, try to follow these tips:

  • Use descriptive titles - Giving your content engaging, unique, descriptive titles greatly improves the likelihood of it being seen. For example, the title “African Oystercatcher Feeding In Estuary, Eats Worm. Bird Rare 4K” identifies the precise species of animal, the activity that it’s engaged in, where in the world the footage was shot, the environment where the scene takes place, and the quality of the footage. This is much more enticing, interesting, and unique than a video simply titled “Bird in the Water”, which would get far less traffic.
  • Each item should have a unique title - We understand that this can be difficult with a lot of items showing the same content but slight variances and using synonyms will allow some content to stand out in the search results.
  • Ideal length of a title - 40-60 characters.
  • Use English language titles - unless when referring to particular places or objects which have a name that is more likely to be searched for in their native language.
  • Editorial photo titles - need to be edited with an appropriate editorial caption (CITY, STATE/COUNTRY – MONTH DAY YEAR: Factual description of the image content).

Things to Avoid: 

  • Do not any number codes in your titles - You can keep track of your items in the My Uploads area under the Tech Data tab so numbering clips for personal reference is no longer necessary. Example of incorrect titles: (African Oystercatcher 001 African Oystercatcher 002 etc.).
  • Do not use the file extensions - such as .mov or .jpg, at the end of the title.
  • Do not repeat one word several times - it does not help your items in the search results, in fact quite the opposite.

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