Editorial, Releases and Third Party IP

Editorial content can be anything that captures a newsworthy event or documents human behavior, and is used in newspapers, magazines, news and documentary programming.  It is important this content is not manipulated or altered.

Content not meant for commercial purposes, that contains recognizable people, property or Third Party IP where all releases were not secured according to our Guidelines, may also be classified as Editorial Use, at the sole discretion of Pond5.

Editorial content is generally not appropriate for advertising, promotional use or merchandising and used for noncommercial purposes only.

For commercial submissions, which are not identified by you as “Editorial,” you are responsible for securing releases for any and all third party IP permissions appearing in your submission.

It is the Contributor’s responsibility to identify each item that is for Editorial Use in the Note to the Curator section.

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    I don't see the option to mark clip as editorial anymore

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    Hey Alon, 

    Thanks for checking with us. The Editorial option has been removed, but please leave a note for the curator at the bottom of the Edit item page, indicating if a clip is to be marked for Editorial use. Thank you! 

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