Introducing Our Extended License

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How do I participate in Pond5’s new licensing program?

No action is required on your part. The new licenses will automatically be available for all of your commercial video, images, illustrations, AE, and 3D files.

How do the Extended licenses make me more money?

Our new licenses offer you an entirely new stream of income previously unavailable on Pond5.  By providing more indemnification and extra seats on all of your assets, we can attract larger, more frequent customers, giving you the opportunity to earn even more with every purchase. Along with these new offerings, our growing sales team can better serve these customers, and is completely dedicated to bringing you the business you deserve.

How can I calculate what I’m being paid?

Your 50% share is factored out of the Net Revenue for each sale. Net Revenue is the item sale price (which you set), plus the Extended License charge, minus a legal guarantee fee to cover our insurance costs for providing higher levels of indemnification, along with any discounts that may have been applied. 

I noticed that contributors are required to share in discounts. Why is that?

Our goal is to maximize your business on Pond5, and from time to time, discounts may be offered to secure larger sales on your behalf. These discounts will be divided between you and Pond5 in our usual 50/50 split. Sometimes these discounts will apply to the Extended License, sometimes to the asset or the entire order. In all cases, we split these discounts with you 50/50 and will only offer these discounts when we need to in order to secure the sale.

Where can I see how much I get paid?

You’ll be able to view license purchases in the same area as the rest of your sales. Once you’re logged in, access your payment history via the My Financials tab from your Dashboard.

How will I get paid?

You'll still be paid the same way as you are currently — nothing has changed here. Payments are made collectively on the 15th of every month, via the payment system you’ve chosen as your preferred method. (Our $25 minimum payment still applies.)

You can review your payout preferences here.

How does our Extended License compare to competitors?

Pond5 offers:

  • Some of the highest levels of indemnification in the industry
  • Unlimited seats for a competitive price, which opens the door to bigger companies that require more collaboration
  • A 50/50 net license revenue split — way above the industry average
  • One of the few marketplaces that gives you the ability to set your own prices

If you have any additional questions about licensing, please visit our Licensing overview in the Contributor Guidelines section of the Pond5 Help Center.

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  • Avatar

    That is incredible news. Thank you Pond5

  • Avatar

    Can I opt-out or set my own maximum discount percentage of my own clips? 

    What is the benefit for customer to buy premium license? Or what is it inside this license? 

  • Avatar

    Good news, thank you!
    Well done! You have a great team!

  • Avatar

    Sounds great, but will this include audio tracks?
    I'm guessing yes if AE means Audio and Effects? :)

  • Avatar

    Its fantastic to hear all the great feedback from everyone. All of us here at Pond5 are incredibly excited about the benefits the new license will bring to our buyers and the business-building potential it will create for our contributor community.

    Moon, you cannot opt out or set your own max discount percentages. These discounts will be divided between you and Pond5 in our usual 50/50 split. Discounting allows your work to be marketed and exposed to a much wider audience, enabling you to make more money – and for your collection to reach its full potential. 

    The huge benefit of a Premium License for buyers is that it offers up to $1m indemnification and an unlimited amount of seats. Here's a chart with the highlights for you to look over.

  • Avatar

    Hi David, we are indemnifying visually orientated media. This covers all commercially cleared footage, images, illustrations and AE templates. However, we are not indemnifying audio or editorial content. 

    We are still offering optional licenses for audio too, but they will not offer indemnification. Our Enhanced License for music / SFX will offer an upgrade to 10 Seats for $49, and the Premium License will offer an upgrade to Unlimited Seats for $99.

  • Avatar

    Indeed, thought it was a bit too good to be true. Probably almost impossible to indemnify music as it has a long history of litigation :)

  • Avatar

    It's great! Thank you )

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