Events and Performances


Any media from sports events, like those sanctioned by the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, FIFA, Olympics, NASCAR, Formula One, Premier League, Australian Football League, Tour de France and any other similar governing bodies, whether major or minor league, should not be submitted to Pond5 unless you have obtained proper permission to do so.  

Even if  you have obtained credentials to cover a sports event, you need to confirm that you have the right to license the content.

Sports media from local high schools and non-NCAA sanctioned events may not have the strict restrictions that apply to major sports events, but you may need permission to film in a local high school or university, especially if you are filming minors.


At theatrical, music and other performances and events where admission requires a ticket, the right to record what occurs at the event may be restricted by the event promoter, organizer, sponsor or venue.  In those situations, you need to confirm that you have the right to license the content.  In addition, recordings of performances of copyrighted works usually require additional permissions.


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